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As long as it is combustible.

You choose the fuel, and our engines…

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Enable more generators on disaster-mission helicopters.

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Provide high-power, lightweight APUs & generators.

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Efficiently extend your hybrid motor range.

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Provide extended range and flight time to drones.

The XRDi Advantage

XRDi has the lightest, lowest emission, most powerful 2-stroke multifuel engines in the market today.

We have developed several very successful prototype engines with thousands of tested hours delivering reliability and performance in the field. Since many of these were for military UAVs, the engines had to be extremely reliable, safe, with a high power/weight ratio and run on a range of fuels.

An additional benefit from making such high performance engines has been the higher amount of energy extracted from any fuel resulting in very little unburned hydrocarbon.

Our high-power density, multifuel, cost-effective engines can outperform your expectations.

  • What we do

    We design and prototype multifuel, 2-stroke engines for the propulsion, power generation, and hybrid extension markets.

  • Our Technology

    We have the lightest, lowest emissions, and most powerful 2-stroke engine in the marketplace today at an affordable rate.

  • Our Mission

    Our philosophy is to fill market gaps by optimizing small engine technology to solve a range of current and future needs

XRDi has a family of 2-stroke engines that run on any fuel (heavy fuel or gasoline): Diesel, Kerosene, Gasoline, Jet A, JP-5, JP-8, etc. without modification or warming

We have a range of small engines that offer lower weight and higher power than any comparable engine currently on the market.

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