XRDi Engine Family

XRDi, Inc. has two innovative core development units, the 75cc multifuel and the 265cc multifuel 2-stroke engines.

From these two engine platforms XRDi offers a host of variants.

75 Series: The 75cc can be a single cylinder or a 2-cylinder unit (75cc/7HP or 150cc/15HP).

265 Series: The 265cc can be a single, twin, triple, four or six (265cc/17HP; 530cc/40HP; 795cc/75HP; 1060cc/100HP; 1,590cc/150HP).

A total of seven engines, available as air or liquid cooled based on application

The design of these engines is based on shared/common parts and stackable elements, such as modular stackable crankshafts. There are only 2-cylinder designs, 2 head designs, 2 piston and rod designs, one crankshaft design, and 7 crankcase designs. All the other components are common to all engines. This yields high reliability and simplicity in servicing and assembling that enables lower costs of support and manufacturing.

200 Series: In addition XRDi has developed the 200cc Series using the same modular concept. The 200cc can be a single, twin, or four cylinder unit (200cc/17HP, 400cc/35HP, 800cc/75HP)

NOTE: XRDi is a research and development protype integrator. Engines are developed using our technology to meet client needs. We do not hold “stock” engines.

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75 Series

200 Series

265 Series

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