Auxiliary Power Units

The current situation and challenge

  • In North America, large trucks spend up to 50% of their time at rest during drive cycles, with long haul drivers living in the cab using heat, A/C and various appliances.

  • 90% of trucks idle their diesel engines (where this is legal) to provide power which is expensive and harmful to the environment. 10% have installed an auxiliary power supply unit (APU), typically consisting of a small secondary diesel engine or battery‐powered components to run a generator to power the heating and air condition systems in the cab of the truck.

  • Current APUs weigh 350-550lbs, cost $11K-13K (typically pay for themselves in 2-3 years), are mostly diesel and need servicing every 500-1200 hrs

The XRDi solution

  • XRDi has configured an APU to fit in the exact frame space as the retired diesel unit with an 11.5 kW alternator powered by our 200cc 17 hp engine that weighed a total of 70lbs.

  • Our prototype generated 3x the power with half or less diesel consumption, lower emissions, and is significantly lighter enabling weight restricted truck loads to be expanded almost 500 lbs.

  • We now seek an opportunity to pilot test this APU.


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