MarineXRDi has developed two marine engines, a prop based unit for the US Marine Corps and a patented water jet unit for Rodler

Prop drive

In 2018, the Marine Corps Systems Command required a 55HP non-gasoline burning outboard engine (NBOE) to run on JP5, JP8 and diesel fuel to comply with the DoD “single battlefield fuel” directive. (link to file NBOE_PIS_2018.pdf)

XRDi developed a prototype which was designed and tested to be submerged in 60ft of water, left for 60 days, surfaced and immediately started on JP5, JP8, and diesel.

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Jet drive

Rodler commissioned a high efficiency water jet outboard prototype, which XRDi developed using a 690cc Cayuna engine. This unit used XRDi’s patented fuel delivery system giving it multi fuel capability.

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