Man-portable Generators

The current situation and challenge

XRDi faces two principal challenges in man-portable generators.

  • Military

    • More theater-based electronics has increased demand for electrical power.
    • Man-portable generators meet this need, need to operate on “the fuel of opportunity” (ie whatever is available), and also meet the military’s One Fuel Forward policy

  • Disaster and Emergency

    • The need to airlift and carry generators to disaster zones creates new demand for smaller, lighter weight, more efficient generator units.
    • Logistics, costs of transport and going the “last mile” means that the lighter, higher power units bring exponential benefits.
    • Fuel is generally scarce in disaster zones, generators that operate on whatever fuel is available provide significant advantage to both responders and survivors.

The XRDi solution

  • XRDi and its proprietary technology are known in the industry and the company has traditionally been recognized as a leader in small engine design
  • Our engine solutions operate on whatever fuel is available, offer significant power/weight/volume ratio advantage, low emissions, and are based on simple, easy to service technology.
XRDi vs the alternative for Military Man-portable power
XRDi Fermont Fermont Fermont Dewey
Model # XRDi 200 TAMCN: B0891 TAMCN: B0077 TAMCN: B0730 TAMCN: B0980
Power output 5kW 10kW 5kW 3kW 2kW
Fuel Gasoline, Kerosene, JP-5, JP-8, Jet-A, Diesel Diesel/JP-8 Diesel/JP-8 Diesel/JP-8 Diesel/JP-8
Engine Mfg XRDi Onan Onan Yanmar Yanmar
Manufacturer XRDi Fermont Fermont Fermont Dewey
Fuel consumption (GPH) 0.47 0.99 0.57 0.5 0.3
Speed (RPM) 3,000-5,000 1,800 1,800 3,000-3,600 3,600-3,750
Length/Width/Height (inches) 18x18x21 62x32x37 50x32x36 35x28x27 30x16x22
Volume (ft3) 3.9 42.5 33.6 14.8 5.9
Cylinders 1 4 2 1 1
Cycle 2 4 4 4 4
Displacement 12.5 cu in (0.205L) 114 cu in (1.9L) 57 cu in (0.9L) 18.1 cu in (0.296L) 12.88 cu in (0.21L)
Weight (lbs dry) 75 1,140 304 800 123.5
Noise (@7 meters) 70dBA 79dBA 70dBA 70dBA 79dBA
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