Military and commercial drones/UAVsXRDi has developed Drone/UAV engines for the US military Killer Bee and Shadow programs, and for civilian reconnaissance applications.

The current situation and challenge

  • Major challenges: range, payload and reliability.
  • Military requirements for One Fuel Forward: every propulsion system must run on a single fuel type: Heavy Fuels
  • Smaller drones with electric motors limited by battery life while liquid fuel engines struggle with power/weight/range limitations.
  • Lighter, smaller, more efficient engines core to maximizing performance.

The XRDi solution

  • The XRDi engine design pedigree, rooted in 17 years of military UAV multifuel engine development positions us as an experienced leader in innovative multifuel drone engine technology.
  • XRDi developed engines power military drones for major prime military contractors (Boeing, Siemens, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Mercury Marine, Ricardo, L3, SOCOM, Progeny, Textron-AAI, Aurora, Aerodyne, Polaris, 2SI.)
  • XRDi’s proven engine prototypes are now being repurposed to operate in the commercial marketplace and extended into applications such as: power generation, utility, portable power tools, and commercial Drones.

Killer Bee with XRDi 200

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Shadow with XRDi 400

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Contact us

  • To license our engine designs
  • To collaborate on engine development
  • To modify our designs to your specific needs

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