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Where is Beaufort, SC?

Beaufort is in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, USA. This small town between Charleston and Savannah is best known for movies such as Forrest Gump, the Prince of Tides and The Great Santini. Amongst the live oaks, Spanish Moss and slow-moving tides there is something else going on. A few people are working with enthusiasm on two stroke engine technology. These guys had an idea they could make a better engine.

A new look at 2-strokes – clean, lean and powerful

By 2000 much of the two-stroke engine business had been written off as the engines were considered too loud, too polluting and inefficient. In May of 2002 XRDi began a journey to prove the skeptics wrong. The vision was to maximize the efficiency and power of the 2-stroke and maintain all the benefits of running and servicing a simple engine. These people are “Gearheads”, they know engines and power applications.

The birth of XRDi

A team of talented people was assembled from the research minded technical thought leaders from three different engine companies, Two Stroke International (2SI), AMW Cuyuna Engine Co. and Roger Worth Engines. XRDi was formed as a technology, research and development company with a focus on new approaches and intellectual property for two stroke engines. The founders were Andy Allen and his two sons, who had created Web Methods a very successful business to business.com startup.

Working with giants – the team

Top people in the engine business took an interest in the project and worked as consultants to advance the program. These included Dr. Gordan Blair and Dr Brian Callahan from Queens University in Northern Ireland, Ben Scheaffer and Rick Davis with Mercury Marine, Steve Bethel with Leadfoot Engineering, and J. Dave Kirk with Kirk Engines.

Working with giants – the clients

Since 2002 XRDi has developed engines with some of the biggest names in the military drone business.These include Textron, AAI, Aerosonde, Cessna, Raytheon, Aurora, Aeromech, SESI, Jabil, PAE-ISR and Lycoming. The company also obtained SBIR grants and provided consulting for other companies.

Amazing engines

Together with these thought leaders in 2-stroke engines, our partner companies, and the deep experience in XRDi, we have developed and extensively tested a line of 2-stroke, "fuel-agnostic" engines ranging from 6-80 HP. Although much of the engine development has been focused on drone propulsion XRDi engines also offer very significant advantages toothed engines currently used for applications such as man-portable generators, truck APUs and many others.

What next?

XRDi is seeking to leverage our unique engine and fuel management technology and designs. We are interested in discussing new applications for our technology and partnership opportunities to develop new products that require small, light, high-performing engines.

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