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Company Facilities & Engine Testing


XRDi's Engine Testing Facility focuses on the following services:

Fuel Consumption
High Speed Pressure Data
Engine Speed and Load
Temperatures, Pressures, and Relative Humidity


  • DyneSystems XM 5 Gas Analyzer. Uses NDIR for HC, CO, CO2 and electrochemical sensors for NOx and O2.
  • ABB Analytical Multi-FID 14 Analyzer. Heated FID for total HC Measurement.

Measurement/Calculation of:

  • BSHC (Brake Specific Hydrocarbons)
  • BSCO (Brake Specific Carbon Monoxide)
  • BSCO2 (Brake Specific Carbon Dioxide)
  • BSNOx (Brake Specific Oxides of Nitrogen)
  • AFR (Air to Fuel Ratio)
  • Volumetric Efficiency
  • Trapping Efficiency
  • Charging Efficiency

Fuel Consumption   

  • Max Series 210 piston flowmeter
  • Max Series 370 vapor eliminator and level controllers

Measurement/Calculation of:

  • BSFC (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption)

High Speed Pressure Data   

  • Kistler 6117B Pressure Transducers for in-cylinder pressure measurements
  • Kistler 4045A Pressure Transducers for intake and exhaust pressure traces
  • Kistler Dual Mode Charge Amplifier
  • Kistler 2613A Crankshaft Encoder
  • Nicolet Odyssey Data Acquisition System

Measurement/Calculation of:

  • IMEP (Indicated Mean Effective Pressure)
  • FMEP (Friction Mean Effective Pressure)
  • PMEP (Pumping Mean Effective Pressure)
  • MFB (Mass Fraction Burned)
  • Burn Rate
  • Burnt and Unburned Gas Temperatures

Engine Speed and Load   

  • 110 HP Froude Conside Eddy Current Dynamometer
  • 8 HP Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometer

Measurement/Calculation of:

  • Engine Speed
  • Brake Torque
  • Brake Power
  • BMEP (Brake Mean Effective Pressure)

Temperatures, Pressures, and Relative Humidity   

  • Type K Thermocouples
  • Omega and Quicksilver piezo resistive pressure transducers
  • Omega relative humidity sensor

Measurement/Calculation of:

  • Engine temperatures and mean pressures
  • Performance correction factors




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